Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Band practice last night at 7. Also Small Son's lesson at 6. For this reason, Tuesday nights are a logistical nightmere.

Plan A: Handsome Husband would ride his bike from work to the Columbia Center Including Library, which is near the lessons. I would take Small Son to the lesson at 6, wait the half hour, then take him to the CCIL (not really what it's called, but it works) where they would do homework and read interesting stuff about presidents for 2.5 hours, whilst I drove to Highland HS, participated in band practice, then came back to get them.

OK. I got to the lesson, homework and pipes in hand, and a call comes in for ME on the office phone. This reminded me of when I had lost my purse in Paris and had gone to the American Consulate to get a new passport (against all odds) and the voice over the PA announced in French that there was a phone call for ME. It was a lady who had found my purse, would I please come get it. Anyway, this time it was Handsome Husband stating he hadn't left work, would I please take Small Son to band practice and then come get him after. Plan B: Took pipes and Small Son to practice. He did his homework. It took him about 5 minutes of the 2 hours of practice. Then he strolled around and sat around and lolled around and lounged around for the next hour, and then used up 30 minutes sliding down the banisters and then we were done early and we went home. We only worked on details of tunes on PC's, no pipes.

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