Friday, April 25, 2008

I am already not doing well on my "Practicing In Piping Every Day" (PIPED) campaign. Why is sleep so much more important than practicing? (Don't answer that; it's a rhetorical question.)

Yesterday after work I had sleep to sleep, and dinner to make for the Carpenters, and dinner to make for us, and 40 weeks worth of dishes to wash, and a lesson to go to, after which I had more sleep I needed to sleep. That leaves no time for piping. The day before it was pretty much the same, except substitute Create a Newsletter for Dinner for Carpenters and there you have it.

Today . . .Last night HH asked me what I wanted to do after work today. I told him I wanted to look for a walker, which I do want to do, but mostly I want to sleep, so that when I drive up to Park City I don't fall asleep at the wheel. I thought that was understood. How can he live on so little sleep? I'm slowly dying on so little sleep. By the time my "weekend" rolls around on Sunday I'm Walking Dead. (I have to work this Sunday afternoon anyway.)

I sent in my application forms for the Salt Lake Highland Games in June, and the Payson Highland Games in July. I can still not compete, but I'm sort of committed now. I have to be there for the band, anyway.

Last night at the lesson, I worked on my strike-ins, and I seemed to be getting faster. I only have a half a second to make up, and the confidence issue.. .

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