Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ventura 2012

To sum up:

I did not get such a good deal on airline tickets.

Ian did not get such a good deal on hotel rooms.

We did not have the tuning issues we'd had last year.

We took 1st in the March Medley, and 2nd in the Timed Medley!

Jack was not there to be our Drum Major, so I called him during a break. He was happy to be included.

Sande and I drove up from the Long Beach airport to Ventura with the two Roberts.  We stopped just before Ventura and got some camp chairs, as we all had failed to bring any to practice before we left for Dennis to drive out.  We got really lost in that little suburb, despite (or perhaps because of) the GPS we were using. It was pretty funny afterwards.

The best news was, of course, that our tuning went beautifully.  We were all nervous about it, so much so that PM had us tune up the night before across the street from the hotel.  That went OK, too.

And, a few days after we got back (20OCT13), WUSPBA (Western United States Pipe Band Association) Great Basin Branch, decided they were tired of us winning all the Grade IV competitions we entered, so they . . .


We are working busily on our new March/Strathspey/Reel for the Grade III competition next year.