Friday, November 20, 2009

Breaking for Thanksgiving

Sorry for the long delay.

Several things are to blame.

First, I have a lot of knitting to do, seeing as we are approaching Christmas.

Secondly, the airline I work for, which uses a massive amount of computers, is planning a change to the program that we use to make and keep reservations. I think they said 66 other programs tie into this main program. Everybody (thousands) is having to learn how to use the new system, and much work is having to be done to ensure that when the cutover happens (Jan 29, 2010) it will be as smooth as possible. I have this fear living in the pit of my stomach that something terrible will happen: a huge snowstorm in New York on the day of cutover, marketing will forget and have a sale, we'll all forget how to use it (even though we are being continually--daily--retrained on it), some essential part of the adjoining systems will fail to connect, . . . I don't know. Something!

Third, Small Son was discovered to have a tumor in the upper part of his left femur, and much time has been spent going to doctors and hospitals and arranging schedules, etc. The surgery went well (Oct 22) and he has been on crutches since then. It's amazing how much extra time a person on crutches will take to get anywhere, even though this person now walks faster than I do on a straight stretch!

Fourth, since Ventura, nothing much has happened to my piping world.

Here are the things that have happened:

Band elections were held. Jason got unanimously re-elected as Pipe Major. Bj got re-elected as Chief Drummer Dude (I think he's called Drum Sargent, but I've been known to be wrong). Pete is still Treasurer. Laura got elected as Party Animal. Jack is now Fundraiser. Erin is Secretary, a set of duties which she has been performing for a long time without a title.

Sean has left the band to pursue other interests. He's still teaching, though. Triona did not officially announce it, but she has a job that requires her attention on Wednesday night, so she won't be at practices. She is, for all intents and purposes, out of commission. Tyler got engaged. Aaron grew a beard. Sort of. BJ got a divorce. A new piper came from Canada to join. His name is Robert and he is tall and speaks fluent French. He's been piping since he was 16, even with Canadian military pipe bands. He's pretty good.

It's a different set of faces around the circle from what was there 5 years ago. Some people are the same: Sande, Pete, Jack, Jason, BJ, Erin, Ryan, Ian, Grant, Aaron, Dennis . . . The new people are all wonderful. I miss the ones who have moved on.

Our website is up and working. Try this link: Salt Lake Scots There are band tunes and everything on the community portion of the site. All I can say is: It's about time. Finally. What took you so long (5 years)?

WUSPBA had their general meeting, and we learned that there is going to be a World's competition in Las Vegas in April 2011. Jason decided to keep us as Grade IV through next year (2010) to try and qualify for that competition. This means that in 2011 when we were planning on upgrading to Grade III, we'll still be Grade IV, hopefully competing in the LAS World's.

Band Party in January. Laura will be planning it. Maybe bowling.

My lip is sore from practice on Wednesday. We are working on blowing/squeezing.

Some things never change.