Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What With One Thing and Another, Some Time Passes

I will not apologize for my long absence. I'll just tell you what has been happening.

In October Small Son had surgery to remove a tumor in his left femur. He was on crutches for 4 weeks, and along about Thanksgiving he got off them, only to discover his leg muscles had atrophied and he still couldn't walk without assistance. So we continued to drive him to school, and he used a cane for a while, and even to this day limps a little, although the cane is gone.

November brought Thanksgiving and 2 birthdays, one of which was long-distsance and had to be planned for a long way in advance.

December brought Christmas. Again great distances were involved, and despite my best efforts at getting presents in the mail by the 9th of December, the package has not yet arrived in Korea, leaving our girl nearly present-less. I'm sick about it.

In fact, I was sick throughout the Christmas holidays. I either worked or slept. The house is a mess, since I do not have the energy to either clean it up or make the kids do it, and nobody else cares.

Yesterday I had a wisdom tooth, my last, pulled. It didn't really want to part company, and my jaw ended up getting cracked in its extraction. So I am on pain meds and antibiotics and liquids for a week until it heals.

I think it's still bleeding.