Saturday, January 29, 2011


We are back into band practice with a vengance.

The first couple of practices were exceptional. We all played like we had just gotten off the field at Ventura and had beaten them all!

Gradually, however, something happened. The notes were wrong. The timing was wrong. The emphasis was wrong. Something. I started second-guessing when playing tunes and sets I could--and do!--play in my sleep. It was a relief to play a new tune because we weren't expected to be so perfect.

Some faces are missing.
Aaron had oral surgery and is out for 6 months.
Dave is busy with hockey practice and coaching.
Grant was out of town.
Andrew had pneumonia. Twice.
Nick leaves at 8:00 now. Why is that? Too late to get to Young Men on time.
Tyler . . . . . just wasn't there.
Michelle has a class on Wednesdays.

Maybe because these people are gone, and some of the people that do come don't necessarily have time to practice . . . maybe that's why the quality of our practices is going down. I hope everybody else practices before Wednesday. I have been.