Friday, April 4, 2008

Practice last night went very well. Small Son was in attendance, having gone to his first group lesson since starting piping. I missed the first cut-off, due either to my stupidity or new drone valves, not sure which. Nailed the second one. Strike-ins are getting better . . . We as a group got lots of compliments: that we are able to correct mistakes in tunes immediately after they are pointed out to us instead of having to have the mistakes punched in our faces 100 times; that we played our MSR+ better than we have ever played it. Yay, us!!

Mostly, I am not thinking about piping. I'm thinking about this trip we are leaving on today and yesterday to North Carolina and Washington D.C. We're going to visit my dear friend Catherine whom I have never met, and Handsome Husband's family. We are also going on a tour of the White House, possibly including the West Wing, but the kids don't care which wing they see: they're just excited to see The Real White House!!

I've been to the White House before, but despite my bad memory, I don't think you will hold it against me if I say I don't remember it, as I was 1 year old. Anyway, they've probably changed it a lot since then.

Also, Small Son is taking a test this afternoon to see if he is smart enough for the advanced science charter school in 4th grade. He's nervous, but either way it will be a good outcome: if he passes, he gets to go to a cool science school and learn lots of stuff, and if he fails he gets to stay at his neighborhood school with all his friends and teachers he knows.

Gotta go pack.

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