Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tuesday band practice went as well as could be expected for not having practiced much. Dave was there at last, and in a good mood, too, so we talked and joked a lot. I have to work on Bonnie Dundee and Barren Rocks of Aedan. We are going to be playing those every practice now, as they are on WUSPBA (Western United States Pipe Band Association)'s list.

My spring allergies are back. I found some meds from last fall in the cupboard, and they keep the itching and sneezing down, but do not completely eliminate them. And the meds make me sleepy and my eyes still water. So I look like I have been crying for a long time.

It's still cold. I wonder when it will ever warm up. I'm sitting here with my legs encased in a sleeping bag, and a wool cardigan on, I'm that cold.

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