Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So Saturday I got in another half hour of practice on PC. Again, all the tunes.

Sunday, I went to church and caught up on sleep. (heh-heh! Not in the same place or time.) Monday I caught up on errands and went to weight training class.

Tuesday, I still ran frantically all day doing things like doc appointments and visiting teaching and got no practicing done until band practice where I did horribly partly due to stiffness of muscles setting in from weight training class, and partly due to no stamina from not practicing on pipes.

Mostly, I have to work on Barren Rocks and my STRIKE-INS! Marjie seems to be doing well, but her Mum, Edith, fell down the back porch stairs and broke a bone in her back, so they are BOTH laid up. She's taken a chapter out of Tartaniac's book.

I got zip-off Scout pants that are Long Enough for my Long Legs, and a deal. And they have big pockets and lots of 'em.

Small Son had a mole on his chest that we had the doc look at, and the doc suggested we (she) take it off and have it analyzed, as he seems to have a plethora of skin problems. So she did a biopsy, for which Small Son was extremely scared, but he went through with it. Then he told everybody he met that he had had a biopsy and then fell asleep with Pancake for about 2 hours in the afternoon. He opted to go to band practice with me in the evening, despite the option of going to the library with HH and Daughter #3 where he would have access to tons of books and comptuer games. He came up only once to aske me what a tuner measured. Kind of an odd question, but typical for him, I guess.

Competition is 7 weeks away. I have to practice ON PIPES every day, including and especially STRIKE-INS.

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