Friday, April 18, 2008

Last night was my lesson. Drew, who has been sick with HepB or something, showed up all pale and weak and quiet. He normally is constantly making quips about anything. We did pretty well, 'cept I have to work on the Bells of Dunblane, the 3rd and 4th parts of Brown-Haired Maid, Bonnie Dundee, and Barren Rocks of Aden. Along with my competition pieces. Nothing much. I "know" them all, just don't have them memorized to the degree they need to be memorized to play well and fast and under pressure.

Marjie, the RS President, had her surgery yesterday morning. It went well. Yesterday evening just before I was going to leave for my lesson, her mom, Edith, called up and said that the doctor told Marjie that by the way, she will need a walker. So Edith called me and said could I have it there by tomorrow morning. HA!! HH and I were going through the list of all the disabled people in the ward and nothing looked good, when suddenly he said he knew who would have a walker: The Stake President! So I called the Stake Pres, talked to his wife, and she said sure Marjie could use it for as long as she needed to. Bless HH's heart for thinking of that!

After practice I yelled up the stairs that I was going to run the walker over to Marjie's house, and HH called back down, "You better walk it." Ha. Ha. So I took it over, and also put a welcome home message on Marjie's TV screen, using letters Cat gave me on our trip. I got an hour-and-a-half nap, again thanks to HH who cooked dinner, so I'm doing pretty well.

It's still chilly out, but the tulips are blossoming. Hope the kids next door don't pick them all like they did the daffodils.

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