Saturday, April 26, 2008

My kind and wonderful Handsome Husband took Daughter #3 to Park City yesterday instead of me doing it. So I got to PRACTICE!!! I got in 45 minutes on pipes. I worked on my competition pieces and strike-ins and cut-offs

I also got 2 of 3 newsletters set up, and got to order whatever kind of pizza I wanted and watch whatever show I wanted (I never actually turned on the TV; I just worked on newsletters. I was going to read after I was done, but people showed up and turned on the TV so I worked on the pipe chanter cover I am knitting (I now have about 1 inch to go) and then went to bed.

Marjie's Mom was in such pain that her Dad took her home to San Diego yesterday afternoon. They didn't need the walker HH found for them. This means Marjie is home alone with limited mobility. I am worried about her, and checking up on her daily. I wonder if we could rig up one of those intercom systems and automatic door unlockers like they have in apartements in New York City, so she doesn't have to get up and wheel to the door to let people in.

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