Monday, March 31, 2008

Recombinant Bagpipe Genetics - It's Alive!!

I haff combined a bagpipe vit a box off kitty litter und gotten a bagpipe zat clumps even vit multiple katz!!

I had to use my resources for this one, let me tell you. Dennis sketched out the basic steps and gave me the equipment and said, "Call if you need help." But the little hoses didn't seem to want to stick onto the drones, and why should I take the drone stocks (the part that fits into the holes in the bag) out anyway? I would break the bag! So I made a quick call to a supplier of piping stuff, and they got a piper on the line who 'splained it all again to me, and assured me that yes, they really do fit on there, you have to really stretch them, you really do have to take the stocks out of the bag and the bag sort of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s out, and the drone valves (which do my strike-ins and cut-offs faster for me) are NOT attached to the drones like the old ones were, but to the box of kitty litter. (Thank you, Steve at Midwest Bagpipe Supply! After I got this straightened out, I went to work. I got the drone stocks pulled out and connected to hoses, taped and reinserted, but then I couldn't remember where the 4th hose went, and I had 2 choices: the chanter stock or the blowpipe stock. The chanter stock was tied in with some sort of waxy string which I didn't really want to retie. Hmm. What to do.

I noticed the other hoses went to orifices where air was blowing OUT of the bag. The blowpipe stock would have air coming IN, and the chanter stock would have air going OUT. I suspected it would be the chanter stock, but I called Dennis anyway and asked him, just to make sure. I was right. There followed a lot of untying with a fork so I wouldn't cut the string (cuz there was no more string, and the knot was too small for my fingers alone) and attaching hoses and then taping them up and reinserting them blah blah blah blah blah blah

Anyway, once I got the right hose clamps to attach over the sticky radiator tape (I got the ones that are too small) I can put the bag cover back on. I've played them and they sound just grand. I tuned the drones and adjusted the drone valves so it's just like I like them.

Another one of life's little victories.

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