Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kitty Litter

I got a call last night. It was Jason, the Pipe Major. He told me to microwave my kitty-litter.

You think this needs a word or two of explanation? You are perhaps wondering why the Pipe Major would be concerned with the hygiene of my cat on the night before a parade?I will explain.

Inside the bag of modern bagpipes is usually a boxy sort of thing, about 4x5x1", with plexiglass tubes connecting to the drones and other orifices of the bag. It is a moisture control system. You may be able to visualize why a moisture control system would be installed in the bag of a bagpipe, which is played with much blowing, and the inevitable drool. Inside the boxy thing is something quite similar to kitty-litter, although hopefully much cleaner, which absorbs moisture, similar to kitty-litter. That is why in the trade it is called kitty-litter. I, being the cheapskate that I am, do not have a moisture-control system installed in my bag. I just open the bag up every so often and air out the insides. Thus, no kitty-litter. So I did not have to microwave anything.

I emailed work last night to ask them to give me a short, early job as I would be leaving at 0730 for the parade. Then I went to bed. I left home this morning at 0230 and drove the 17 miles in to work and everybody asked me why I was there. That's gratitude for ya. I mean! Seems they sent me an email right back saying since I was only working 4 hours I could work from home. ha. I did some quick math (or as quick as I can do math at 0300) and figured I couldn't get home in time to log in for my shift, so I stayed.

Stay tuned for the next update about the St Paddy's Day parade and any subsequent St. Paddy's Day activites.

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