Friday, March 7, 2008

C minus 2 days and concert, where C=concert.

Last night at the group lesson, Jason wanted to give me a new, easier reed. He said he could maybe play one tune on my reed and then be too tired (not his word) to go any further. He said he has a much easier reed. I said, Maybe that's why you make it look so easy. (appreciative laughter) I also said I appreciated his offer, but I didn't want to change ANYTHING right before the concert because it would royally mess me up. So I have my old, hard reed until after the concert.

The worst part of this is that I don't have time to practice on pipes at home any time before the concert. I do have 2 additional practices before then, but I was hoping not to make any stupid mistakes (see yesterday's entry) even during band practice. I have to work on strike-ins. I got a lesson on that last night. Again I say, some people make it look so easy. Jason was holding his pipes out away from his body and talking and all the while the drones were droning . . . It was like he doesn't even have to come into physical contact with them to make them play, they are so well trained!

My Dumb Dog, the 18" high blonde one, jumped our 48" high fence last month and ran up to a man and his dog and barked at them. He called the animal police, who wrote me a ticket. I have to appear in court. The officer told me to call (this number) and check to make sure my case is on file, and she gave me a court date. I've been calling them every day since it happened, and still they do not have my case on file, but the Prosecutor's Office said show up anyway and show them the paper that says I have to be there Monday morning 0830, and if there is no case, maybe they will throw it out.

what fun i can hardly wait

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