Thursday, March 13, 2008

What with one thing and another, 24 hours passed.

The next 24 might be more exciting. I'm trying to get some time off to go to North and South Carolina in April, and that will include moving a piping gig at Small Son's school, and moving a court date. I'm going to try to do those today. Also scheduled for today is the first lesson after the concert. We are actually marching in the parade on Saturday, so we will probably go over massed band tunes: Green Hills / ((in my head I call it: After Battle Triple Chocolate Cake) When the Battle's Over, Farewell to Nigg, The Mill set, probably our two MSR's, Minstrel Boy/Wearing o' the Green, Heights of Dargai and Battle of the Somme, The Smith's Set (The Smith's A Gallant Fireman/Killekrankie/Scotland The Brave), maybe even 100 Pipers and Blue Bonnets. I feel pretty confident about them all.

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