Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yesterday was my friend Connie's birthday. I wanted to do something special (yet cheap) for her.

So I hatched a plan..

I waited until I knew she would be at work and called her home number, planning on playing Happy Birthday in her voicemail so she would have it all year..

She picked up the phone. Stupidly I asked, "Are you at work?" Of course she was not! I called her at her HOME number. I said, "Hold on," threw down the phone and struck in Angus and played HBTY perfectly. I picked up the phone and again stupidly said, "Did you hear that?" Of course she did. She probably didn't even need the phone. But she happily surprised me. This is one of the reasons she is my friend. When I explained my plan to play it on her voicemail, she said, "Call back again and I won't pick up and you can play it on my voicemail and then I can play it for my family and friends.".

Of course I did. I hope she listens to it often during the year. It turned out to be a very satisfying birthday present for both giver and recipient!

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