Friday, January 4, 2008

Here's the deal: I'm not going to try and practice MORE, I'm going to try to get in 4 practice sessions per week, including 1 lesson and 1 band practice. So I only have to practice 2 other times per week, and this has to be on pipes. This week is shot, as I can max out at 2 more times this week and then it's over. So starting next week, 4x per week..

Does that sound do-able?

During the lesson last night, I was told I have to work on the GDE's in the Jig, getting them all the same time duration. I bought a metro-gnome who assures me he can help me out, and he is blue, which is my favorite color, so I'll trust him for awhile.

I'm also working on doing my birls "in the shape of a number 7" which is supposed to be faster. This advice from a physics major to somebody who can hardly subtract normal numbers!

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