Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our prophet and president, Gordon B. Hickley, died today of caused related to age. He WAS 97, after all. His wife had died 6Apr04, and he made no secret of the fact that he missed her immensely. He probably would have wasted away sooner if he hadn't had so much stuff to do.

I will miss him. When they were both younger, he and my father-in-law looked a lot alike. Score one for GBH. He also started and ended his conference talks with jokes. Score two for GBH.

He was not uppity at all. He was a common guy, just like anybody else. Score 3 for GBH.

But he, with the Lord's assistance, moved figurative mountains in accomplishing things in the Church in the last 75 years. Movies, broadcasts, filmstrips, the website, genealogy tools, 50+ temples, the list goes on and on and on. Score 50+ for GBH!!

I am not sad. I figured he would be taken quickly, after all the work he did for the Lord, and he was. He is no longer in pain, or stooped and using a cane. He is with his dear wife, and his beloved mother whom he hasn't seen since he was 7 or so, and his father. Rumour has it that his dear friend, who promised he wouldn't die before GBH, died instead a few minutes after he died. I'm sure he got a very warm welcome when he went through the veil.

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