Friday, January 25, 2008

I have one more lesson before Small Son starts to get the lessons instead of me, for nearly twice the price.

Nothing much happened last night except that I had it in my head that I was doing so much better because of Jack's compliment on Tuesday, and then I flubbed up nearly everywhere..

I had noticed that Jason's carrying case (I don't know what the official term is) is coming apart at the seams, and the zipper is failing him. I had suggested I could replace it for him, and said I'd do it for the cost of the materials plus $15. He said OK. Last night after the lesson I went to a fabric store and finally found a zipper long enough to fit, plus the twill tape needed for finishing it. I sent him an email, but I've heard he isn't an email kind of guy, so we'll see if I get any response..

I'm sure going to miss those guys..

We got the rest of Brown Haired Maiden last night: Sean poked his head in and handed it out. Turns out the composer of this tune really got carried away and wrote 6 parts. Six!! So instead of playing the two parts we have learned so far and the jig, we are going to play 4 parts of Brown Haired Maiden. I like the tune, but . . . Can I learn all these new tunes before March 8 and the concert?? And competition season?? Guess I better get cracking. . . Battle of the Somme, 2 more parts of BHM, and Bells of Dunblane, to say nothing of Blue Bonnets perfected and possibly Clumsy Lover perfected.


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