Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yesterday was Drive-To-Park-City day. It was very cold. I took several quilts and while Daughter #3 was riding (very well, I heard later) I wrapped up in the quilts and slept. I remember waking up once and not knowing where I was but being too tired to care and going back to sleep again. When she opened the door to get back in about 2 hours later, I snapped awake (partially) and started the car to warm it up. It took forever, and the window was frosted over until Lamb's Canyon!! But it wasn't enough sleep.

I had a RS bulletin to put together (not done yet) when I got home, and Small Son to read to. Then 3.5 hours of sleep and I had to get dressed for the recital which is TODAY!!! I have NOT practiced since Thursday.

It's time to PANIC!!!

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