Friday, January 11, 2008

This week has been much better for practicing. I got in a few minutes on Sunday, a goodly session on Monday, and another goodly session on Tuesday AS WELL AS band practice on Tuesday night and my regular lesson last night. That's 4 and the week's not over yet!!

Some of the massed band tunes on Tuesday I messed up on. Especially Green Hills and Battle's O'er, because I wasn't thinking. I have to go over those 2, plus the Smith's set and the Mill set. I also have to look up how a grip goes, cuz I'm playing something else from what everybody else is playing.

We got a new tune last night, too. It's the Battle of the Somme. Catchy tune. I hope I can learn it quickly as we will have to play it in March at the concert.

I also have to play Blue Bonnets and Clumsy Lover, so I have work to do.

Recital on the 19th. Does this sound like the beginning of parade season or what??

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