Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What with one thing and nother, 5 days passed . . .

Family was here for Baptisms and sealings, Christmas programs happened (including dinners) that required my musical participation on an instrument I don't play much anymore, Scouts started up again, and did I tell you I have a new calling? Yesterday I realized that I was given an new tune to learn on Thursday and I haven't even looked at it. So I got it down on PC while Small Son was working on his homework yesterday.

Then last night when I came in to read to him (Silver on the Tree, by Susan Cooper) he said [whispering], "Mom! Shut the door!" So I did, and then he said, "I want to get Dad a Christmas present because he always takes me places and helps me on the computer." This is the first time he has ever thought about anything but his own presents for Christmas, so I was thrilled. I said, "The only thing on Dad's list right now is 'warm socks', so we could go get him a couple of pairs of those at the Army/Navy store where they are cheap AND warm." He thought that was good. Then he asked, "Do I have to pay for them?" I told him the secret: that the thing that makes it fun is actually putting out for something for somebody and giving it to them and watching their reaction when they open the present.

Then I read to him. And then I went out and told his father to put some more things on his list besides warm socks that his kids could get him.

We'll have to work on Creative Packaging for Socks this afternoon, too.

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