Friday, December 28, 2007

Another jam-packed day.

Work was, of course, 0330-1400. Then we raced to see our Christmas Day movie (two days late) way down in the south part of the valley at 1510. That lasted until 1730, at which time we raced Handsome Husband to his Youth activity (he's a leader, not a Youth) and then Small Son to his friend's house downtown, then back to pick up HH then home to call the ailing people I'm in charge of tracking, plus 2 that I am not in charge of. Come to find out that my visiting teacher, Irmgard P, spent Christmas in the hospital, ALONE!! and my neighbor knew about it, having taken her to the hospital at oh-dark-hundred Christmas morning and never said anything about it to us (RS Presidency) so we didn't go see her. Also Sandy N had to have more fluid drained off her abdomen and her cancer is back with a Vengance and she's not feeling well at all.

Today I'll be helping my neighbor pack and clean for moving right after work. No Park City today, but probably no practice, either. Crivens. And I just got the "recital" email: It's going to be on 19Jan2008. I'll probably do the group thing, but not a solo. I don't have a solo instructor to tell me what to play. Thank goodness. I don't know if I ever told that story. I'll check back through the entries, and if I haven't, I'll tell it later.I did tell that story. See my entry from 14 September of this year.

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