Friday, December 21, 2007

Last week Thursday we had a discussion about whether or not to have a lesson this week, so close to Christmas. Everybody agreed that we would all be there. So despite the heavily falling snow and other issues, I loaded Angus into the car and headed south last night.
Sande was there, and Drew showed up late. That was it. We had some guys from Sean's beginner class join us and we watched a DVD from 2007 World's and talked about birls and how to do them correctly and quickly. It rained the whole competition, so they all looked miserable. It was a subdued lesson. At the end we did get out pipes and play through our medley. It went beautifully. We played the jig so fast it felt like going down the mountain on a motorcycle where you know if you apply brakes you'll just start skidding sideways. I almost panicked, it was so fast. So I had to stop thinking aboutit, and just do it. I suspect that we sounded so good due to the fact that Garth and Lee were not there; they're still learning, and tend to mess up the tunes. Lee doesn't watch the pipe major and plays at his own tempo, which is not conducive to a good sound.

It's still snowing this morning and looks beautiful but probably is deadly. Daughter #1 did not go to her midnight screening of National Treasure: Book of Secrets last night due to weather. Her friend Emily is stuck up on the mountain, snowed in. Bummer. But the world looks beautiful this morning, crystalline blue and clean. Maybe I won't have to go to Park City this afternoon because of the snow. There's always hope.

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