Wednesday, December 19, 2007

They say if you need something done, ask a busy person.

I've been busier lately than at just about any time in my life, what with calling to check on people who are ill or picking up tableclothes and dropping them off and finishing Christmas presents and then wrapping them and the usual cleaning and washing and driving and shopping and cooking . . .

But despite doing all that yesterday, I did practice, both PC and pipes. On the list of tunes we have to know for the concert, I got about 4 done. I'll hopefully start at 5 today.

Daughter #1's best friend is home from Maine and will be staying with us. We are delighted to have her. Daughter #2 is bringing her . . . um . . . boyfriend? particular friend? Not sure exactly what their relationship is called right now . . . over lots, He's a very nice young man, so we are glad to see him whenever he shows up.

Handsome Husband and I got to go to the temple yesterday. I brought a disc with my grampa's info on it, so we could do baptisms and endowments for him and his parents, but the disc wasn't unzipped and they said they couldn't unzip it, so we did work for someone else. When I got to the Family History Center last night, it was closed for the holidays. Pooh. So Grampa is still waiting. Sorry, Grampa. I'm working on it.

Daughter #2 is also "working" on getting the work done for our old egg man from Minnesota, Henry Tlustosh, born and raised and married and died in Glencoe, MN. She has a photo of the tombstone where he and his wife Emma are buried, but she won't give me the info so I can get it done. Guess I'll just have to start bugging her. Henry's been waiting for 8 years!! He has no children, and no other living relatives, and I feel like we owe it to him cuz he was so good to us.

Small Son was so cute. This morning I found a note on my chair, next to his PC, that said "my reed needs more hemp". So I showed him where the hemp and wax is kept and how to put it on. He played his PC yesterday for school for something.

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