Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everybody has a disability; some people's are more evident that others.

Mine is not so evident, but just as much a disability. I have epilepsy. Which means if I don't get enough sleep and take anti-convulsants every day, I go unconscious and have seizures. Sometimes even if I do take my meds and get enough sleep, I still am "shaky".

Yesterday and the day before I was shaky for no apparent reason. And I needed to go out and get some last minute things for Christmas and didn't dare drive: A CD holder for Daughter #3, and a DVD for my dear friend Connie, etc. so Daughter #1 said she would drive, and we took Small Son and went and got those things. I guess it hasn't gotten harried yet, because it was pretty calm at the stores we were at.

No, I didn't practice. Because of the shakiness. Can't focus on notes in a sequence. I stop in the middle and forget where I was.

The most exciting part about Christmas is knowing that somebody near-and-dear has a present coming and it's Really Good and they are Really Going To Like It and you Can't Tell Them What It Is!!!! It's been like that for at least a week.

Five More Days!!!! Ugh!!

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