Thursday, December 27, 2007

We didn't box things up to take to the poor or our servants (Ha! Those are now called "children"). Instead, I worked until 1400 then we drove frantically an hour and 7 minutes north to Huntsville, UT, up through a beautiful canyon, through falling snow, and arrived at the Huntsville Stake Center where a friend of Small Son's was getting baptized. This is a tiny girl whose parents are divorced; her father lives in our ward and her mother lives in Huntsville. She is very quiet and I had never heard her say a word until yesterday. I think the divorce really shook her up, and her parents are going to pay for this later; for now, she is just very quiet and withdrawn and sad.

Usually at a baptism, you feel the spirit very strongly. Maybe it was just me, but I did not feel it at all at that baptism. It was probably just me.

It was pretty cold, and we were all dressed in Sunday clothes (i.e. not a lot of insulation, even tho we had sweaters on). After the baptism, I gave our present for Kenya to Small Son and he disappeared with it, then came right back. A few minutes later when I found Kenya, I shook her hand to congratulate her and asked if she remembered me. She nodded, and then she SAID, "Teancum gave me the present." She does have a voice, and she knows how to use it. I shook the bishop's hand and her father's, then we went outside to find Handsome Husband, as he had moved the car and then disappeared to try to find his brother by cell phone. We walked all the way around the building in the crisp snow and cold air and did not find him, but we DID find a flock of wild turkeys (I kid you not!) sauntering down the middle of the street, or eating old berries off the bushes next to the church. We kept walking and watching what the turkeys did. They were not very afraid of us, but still would not let us get very close to them. When one got separated from the flock and we got too near, it took off flying to join its mates!! It was pretty amazing. You don't see wild turkeys very often.

Then we drove off to Liberty, UT to try and find Uncle Jared, but didn't find much of anybody. We even tried to call all the Wheelers in Liberty and Eden (2) but got one busy signal and one no answer. So we took the scenic pass home, stopping to have dinner at Javier's in Ogden and looking at all the Christmas lights they have in Ogden on the way. We got home about 6:00 and I went to bed shortly after. No practice time.

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