Friday, November 30, 2007

I have gotten to the point in my sleep deprivation where I am non-responsive to others.

I did play the tunes requested at my lesson last night, and at the right speed. I did not, however, make more than 1 comment. When Mindy (tenor drummer) said 'hello' as she was going into her lesson and I was going out, I think I mumbled something, but nothing coherent. My one comment was (you can skip this part if you don't really care) when Pete picked up his bottle to get a drink and it was empty, so he disgustedly tossed it into a corner. Into the silence I said, "The last camel died at noon." "And it's now 2:00?" he asked. Most everybody else said, "What?" I did not endeavor to explain.

The cheesecake came out, and the dogs didn't eat it because we put it in a pie-keeper. The ceremonies for Daughter #1 went well, although the heat over the candles was surprisingly warm; she seemed to enjoy her presents, which is why one gives presents anyway, so they can be enjoyed. Happy Birthday today to her. Twenty-two years.

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