Thursday, November 15, 2007

I taught myself to play guitar the summer I turned 16. I did have a little help from the daughter of a friend of my mom's. We were both staying up at Echo Lake for several weeks and had nothing else to do, so she taught me and I learned. So I can play guitar, sort of. But I don't make it a habit to practice every day, or every week, or even every YEAR!! I don't go around bragging that I can play guitar. I don't wear "guitar" t-shirts or pins or have guitar bumper-stickers. I definitely do NOT have callouses on my fingertips any more.

Now, two requests in one week have come in for me to play guitar for something. How did they find out? How am I going to do this?

I got asked to play an interlude for a baptism on Dec 8 for my 2 neices. I have tried to get the day off, but so far no go, so they will have to listen to flute and bassoon and harpsicord music instead. I also got asked to play O Little Town of Bethlehem while my 3 beautiful daughters and I sing it for a Christmas program for Relief Society. I looked up the chords today, and they are fairly easy (if I can just remember what A7 is . . . ).

What does this have to do with piping? This is, after all, a PIPING journal. Well, I was hoping you wouldn't ask that. I did not want to have to say that I haven't practiced in over a week, except for band practice and that was PC only, and lesson and that was a Looooong time ago. We even got new, lower-pitched chanters on Tuesday, but have I even tried it? You guessed right.

In my defense, I have to say I was sick Sunday, Monday and a little even on Tuesday. Wednesday was filled with Things I Had To Do and did not give me time to practice between Visiting Teaching and Making Dinner and more Visiting Teaching and Working and Fixing My Computer and . . . at last, Sleeping. Thursday looks to be much the same. My work requires me to go to a 1.5 hour team meeting every other month, and this month is It. Today is It.

Life is not fair, but it's better than Baghdad so I won't complain.

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