Saturday, November 3, 2007

It is very difficult to pipe in the cold and wind. Lucky all wars are held in desert environments so the tunes are short and easy!!


Lucky they keep pipers at the back of the confrontation so as to still have a piper at the end of the battle. Lucky the music is recorded instead of live.

So what do we need pipers for?

I took Angus up to Park City yesterday, intending to run through the medley a few times. It must have been about 33 degrees and blowing at about 25 mph and every note I played got whisked away up the mountain. I got through the first 4 tunes and then had to quit. Instead, I sat in the car and practiced on PC. A most frustrating practice session.

But I did try.

We are working on a new tune, call PM (Pipe Major) J.K.Cairns, which is a kind of lilting melody, very nice and pretty easy. I almost have it memorized.

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