Friday, November 23, 2007

Where I work, I get a (semi) regular schedule for most of the year, and on holidays I get a separate schedule (this is so everybody will have an equal chance at getting holidays off, not just the people who have worked here forever). In October, I got an email telling me my Thanksgiving schedule was the 16th choice. I looked at the wrong chart, the second one down--not once, but 5 or 6 times--and thought I started at 0600. I got up at 0530 and got logged on at 0600 and worked for awhile. When I started feeling it was time for a break, I looked on the Everybody's Schedule part of the computer and saw that I was supposed to have started at 0000!! I rechecked my email and still saw myself starting at 0600. It was only when I rechecked again that I saw the 3rd chart there that said, yep, I was supposed to have started at 0000. Crap. Now I have a big black mark on my record for not showing up, and I miss out on $150. Crapcrapcrapcrap. I guess the good part is I only had to work 2 hours, got to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and got to our Thanksgiving Dinner on time. But still . . .I haven't gotten an email back from my sup yet telling me how hot the water is I am now in. Still waiting for that.

I didn't practice on Thanksgiving on general principle.

We made pumpkin, mincemeat, apple, and cherry pies to take to Thanksgiving dinner, even though we were only asked to bring pumpkin. The cherry was for Daughter #2 as that is her favorite, the mincemeat was for Daughter #1 and Handsome Husband, and the apple was for my little nephew who adores my apple pies, and even invites me to his birthday parties only if I will bring an apple pie for him. We left the mincemeat and cherry at home, since as my daughters pointed out, we hadn't been asked to bring them anyway, and they didn't want to share them. When we got home, the crust had been nibbled off the mincemeat, and the cherry was gone, entirely. We immediately suspected the dogs. But you'd think that if a dog had pulled a cherry pie off the counter with her teeth, dragged it across the kitchen floor and down the hallway and out the dog door into the yard, there would be a trail of cherry-red, like a trail of blood, to mark the pie's passing. There was not. You'd also think that if a dog had a choice of a fruit pie or a pie that had beef mixed in with it, she would choose the beef one. Immediately we suspected we had put the cherry pie someplace other than the places we had already looked, so we looked in those other places and found them pieless. Finally I took a flashlight and looked in the yard and there the pie was, still right-side-up, with the top crust nibbled off. KoTAH!!! Daughter #2 refused to eat it--I can't blame her--and our holiday was cherry-pie-less. I'll have to make her another one very soon.

I have to give a lesson in Relief Society on Sunday, on 2 talks from General Conference. The one is on pornography, and the other is on having clean hands and a pure heart. I'm stressing out on this.

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