Thursday, November 29, 2007

The problem with birthdays is you can never predict when the initial one will happen, kids being as unpredictable as they are.

Our first beautiful and intelligent child, Daughter #1, was born on 30 November and that was fine. Daughter #2 came along, equally beautiful and intelligent, in February a few years later and that was also fine. Then it came time for Daughter #3. The due date was narrowed down to the end of November. Nearly-eight-year-old Daughter #1, taking issue with the nearness of her new sibling's impending birth date to her own, said, "Don't have the baby on my birthday! I don't want to share my birthday!" I admitted to my inability to do anything about scheduling a natural birth of a child, and Daughter #1 walked off very disillusioned with parental powers.

Monday morning, the 29th of November, dawned freezing cold and really hardly dawned at all due to the overcast skies. And I went into labor. So I woke the girls up and asked Daughter #1 if she'd like to go to the hospital today and get a new brother or sister instead of going to school. That really was no choice, so off we went and Daughter #3 arrived shortly before lunchtime. Wish granted.

Roll forward about 14 years. Daughter #1 is now turning 22 and working a monstrous schedule, including her birthday, but the two days before she is off. We have thus decided to celebrate her birthday one day early so she can attend. So as not to celebrate both girls' birthdays on the same day, we then had to move Daughter #3's birthday up one day. Yesterday we did presents, cake and ice cream (for which I was not quite ready) for Daughter #3. I did not practice except a little bit with Small Son on PC, and to play Happy Birthday To You on PC for the actual Fire Extinguishing part of the ceremony. Today doesn't look any better as far as practicing goes, as I don't have the cheese cake ready for the celebration tonight.

I also didn't get any sleep yesterday, so I hope the cheese cake sets.

This is turning into more of a List of Excuses Why I Don't Practice, rather than an impetus to practice. [groan!]

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