Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yesterday was the 2nd day in a row that I practiced! And even that's cheating a little, because Tuesday's band practice I'm counting as practice. Hey! It has the word "practice" in the title and I did it, so it counts!

Yesterday I went out in the back yard and worked on cut-offs and Smith's Set and I don't remember what else because it is 0347 and I'm not awake yet but I'm working. First I had to clean up the leavings of our two dogs because I refuse to pace in that!! So I paced and practiced and serenaded the neighborhood and nobody has complained. Yet.

Today my upper lip is swollen and sore. I dunno if I will be able to make a seal around the blowpipe today. Even yesterday I was having trouble, and the spit was flying . . . OK, Too Much Information. Sorry. Maybe I will just take a nap . . . Well, no, I can't do that today either. Tomorrow is the church Spaghetti Dinner and Cake Auction. Here's a logistical secret: if you have a cake auction, the cakes have to come from somewhere. Somewhere cheap. For our church, that 'somewhere' is the local young men and young women. Daughter #3 is one of those young women. So yesterday we baked 3 cakes, one big round one and two little round ones, to make a Mickey Mouse. They are cooling, etc, on the dryer, and today we have to frost them to look like Mickey. This is going to require more artistic skill than she has, so Yours Truly will be called in to draw the lines and supervise. That's all well and good, as The Cause is Just and all that, but that means no nap, and I have a lesson this evening which is great, but that means no early night, either.


I think I'm going to count tonight's lesson as practicing, too. I don't think it matters under what setting you play, as long as you play.

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