Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Band Practice last night.

Only 3 other pipers showed. Even Sean wasn't there. Our substitute was 6'8" Aaron from Grade III.

For some reason, piping with drones corked was extremely difficult, whereas piping with drones during warm-up was cake. I really struggled to get the tunes out correctly. At all, at some points. Maybe next time I won't use corks and will just shut off my drones. I wonder if it's easier. I'll have to try it at home.

Things to work on:
Bluebonnets - the first part
Green Hils/Battle's O'er - the beginning
Heights of DargayFarewell to Nigg

Everybody had to rehemp things due to weather change and central heating coming on. Me, too. My blowpipe came right out. Put some more hemp on my drones, too, as they were wobbly.

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