Thursday, October 4, 2007

Despite my lists of the other day, I did not practice yesterday.-Face it, I'm just bad. That, or tired. Or lazy. -
I was also very upset about my bearchild, Beag. He's in Northern Ireland staying with a friend named Steve. Steve is supposed to PM me once a week and tell me what Beag's been up to so I can post a story by Beag on the PBF website (see links). That was 2 months ago.

Beag arrives in Wales--------->

Suddenly I get a PM from Steve saying he has something very important to tell me, he needs a ph# and a time he can call me. IMMEDIATELY my mind jumped to such conclusions as: Beag has been sold at a garage sale; Beag was run over by a truck; Beag was washed in the washer and now has no hair . . . Nobody called. I was frantic. My dear daughter said, "He's only a stuffed bear; what's the problem? You can just replace him."

<---Beag gets arrested.

"Well, the fact is, he is NOT "just a bear"; he is an ambassador for a children's home for terminally ill children in Wales called Ty Hafan (tee haven)(sounds like a golfer's paradise). He goes from forum member's home to forum member's home drumming up funds for these children. He's been to England, Scotland, Wales, and now Ireland, raised 700 pounds, been arrested, helped a dance troupe; talked to a dragon, some ghosts and a dead poet (albeit the poet didn't say much in return); and gotten lots of hugs, along with that 700 pounds. Finally, I got an email from Steve saying Beag is fine, another Forum problem was the subject of his email.-I feel much better. But it was too late to practice when I finally got the info.

<--Beag and the Dragon
Stronger endeavor today.

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