Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fridays, for us, usually involve 10 hours of working for me, starting at 0330, followed by (hopefully) a nap. Then I drive the 40-60 minutes to Park City with Daughter #3 so she can partake of her hippotherapy for an hour. Then I go home and prepare for work the next day and crash into bed.

This Friday also involved Daughter #3 going to church at the same time as her hippotherapy session to help the other young women set up for the ward Spaghetti Dinner and Cake Auction. Technology today being good, but not THAT good, we still have not figured out how to be in 2 places at once, so Handsome Husband went to church on his bum foot and laid tableclothes and centerpieces and cooked spaghetti while I took Daughter #3 to her hippotherapy and did about 15 minutes of practicing at 5000 feet above sea level. While I was up there struggling with the high altitude, a pickup truck full of people pulled up and waved to me. I walked over and we talked about bagpipes, they not knowing what those things were I was playing. The elderly lady in the passenger seat told me a story of when she was a campground somewhere and there was a Japanese guy who was a piper. The people of the campground would not let him practice at the campground, so he walked down to the beach ( I guess it wasn't far away) wearing his shorts and cowboy boots and walked on the beach and practiced. She laughed at the picture he had made: Japanese features, Scottish bagpipes, American cowboy boots. I asked if they wanted me to play a tune for them, and they were very excited about it, so I played Scotland The Brave (STB for short) and got my cut-off pretty good but my grace notes were terrible but they didn't seem to notice. They were tickled and took my picture and then drove off.

We got back at nearly 7, having had to negotiate a traffic jam, but there was lots of sauce left and they were cooking more spaghetti, and they hadn't started the auction yet. There were about 20 cakes. Daughter #3's Mickey Mouse cake went for $55 (we bid up to $50) which we were very happy about, and total take for the auction (to benefit the Young Men and Young Women programs throughout the year, including camp next summer) came to $2190!!!

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