Thursday, October 18, 2007

My name is Scar, and I am a Social Piper.

All this solo practicing does not interest me, even though I have created The List and want to achieve and do well for the things on The List.. I'm much happier in a group with blather and banter and group dynamics, working together. Or better still, doing better than the others, or at least the top 10.

I wonder what the 12 steps are for Social Pipers?

Maybe this is a result of my home life with 2 Aspberger's Syndrome people who don't have or want friends or contacts at all. Piping (and church) is pretty much the only time I can get out and see people on a regular basis.

Or maybe I'm trying to blame my problem on somebody else.

I'll look up the 12 steps and see if I can adapt them.For the record, here is The List again, of reasons why I should practice every day:

* band tryouts at the end of October
* competition the end of November
* my doctor has prescribed practicing every day for my health
* I have a very important gig to play in August 2010
* practicing every day keeps my pipes in tune, my stamina up, and breaks in my new reed.
* Daily practice improves my skills

I wonder if I could practice with somebody else.

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