Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This weekend was pretty much a failure as far as practicing goes. Finding time to practice -- on pipes -- when everybody is home and doing something that requires listening, is a lost cause, I'm thinking. I'm going to have to look for other locations to practice pipes when people are home: backyard or the Teensy Airfield are options.

Saturday and Sunday I got no pipe practice in at all. I did get a little PC practice, mostly on Brown Haired Maid, which Teancum has memorized. I can start in with the first 3-5 notes, and he can hum the rest of the tune. Monday was no better as I thought I would be gone all Tuesday and got all my housework done (with RoseE's help) on Monday, leaving time for NOTHING else.

Tuesday I got in about 20 minutes on pipes, mostly the drone tuning, MSR and Heights of Dargai. Then I got physically sick due to playing with a back that I'd thrown out on Monday doing Something Stupid.

Band Practice was Tuesday night, and I seriously debated whether to go or not. I finally decided to at least try, and was rewarded. Everybody was playing beautifully -- well, mostly beautifully -- on all the parade sets. It hurt to play, but I kept at it until I couldn't stand it any more, at which time luckily Pipey switched to PC's and when we went through Brown Haired Maid individually, I got lots of compliments on the first part. Still having trouble on the second part, skipping the note right before the birl.

What I Did Good:
First part of Brown Haired Maid
Heights of Dargai
Farewell to Nigg
I went to practice anyway

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