Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I don't know how anybody else does it, but I can never find the time or place to practice when I am traveling. Even PC! Of course, when I travel, it's with my husband who doesn't like to rent a car, and he mostly doesn't like to take public transportation, either, so we walk. And walk. And walk. We walked upwards of 7 miles in the last 2 days! My legs ACHE!! My PC stayed in my bag the whole time. I took it out once to look longingly at it, but had to rush off again. Lots of people have those electronic thingies that you use earphones with and nobody hears you but you. But they're kind of expensive. For me.

Band practice was last night. At 10:30 AM I was 7 miles away from the Long Beach, CA airport. Our flight left at 11:35. As per above, we were without car or roller-blades or skateboards or ANYTHING wheelie. The bus wasn't there, either. So I called RoseE and had her report my non-appearance at band. This she duly did. As soon as I pressed the "end" button, the bus came 'round the corner and we got on. We arrived at the closest stop to the airport 15 minutes before they would close the flight (not the door, just the paperwork of the flight). As soon as we had gotten into the airport parking lot, I gave the bags to my husband and ran for the ticket counter. I got there 2 minutes before the closure!! Just like in the movies!

And I made it to practice anyway. The only person who knew what was going on was Erin McM. To everybody else, it was just another day of band practice.

We worked on the MSR and we didn't do too well. Sean tried to find good things, but he was hard pressed sometimes. 'Course, I didn't practice much at all. But I noticed some other people making lots more mistakes than me, so I felt OK. And at the end, after PC practice on the MSR, while I was writing down what to work on in my Disney Princess notebook that I scrounged from somebody's 2nd grade backpack, Sean said, "Scar! Sande! You two are really doing well!" I love it when I get compliments!!I think I work harder at finding time and place to practice than I actually work on practicing.

I think if I practice every day, I will really improve! Woo-HOOO!!

Things I need to work on:
Green Hills/Battle's O'er
The start of the Smith's set
First part of the jig

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