Thursday, September 27, 2007

Did you ever start reading a book and when you had to stop, you take on the attitude and situation of the main character?

Yesterday before I practiced, I was reading the part of Blue Sword (R.McKinley) where Hari is training for the laprun trials and keeps succeeding . . . beyond her expectations, anyway. When I put down my ragged book and picked up those pipes, I could do no wrong. Everything I did exceeded my expectations. I practiced until I got blisters on my lip. I worked on everything but Green Hills/Battle's O'er, Smith's Set, and All the Bluebonnets. Today I need to tackle Bluebonnets FIRST when I am fresh, instead of at the end when I'm tired. It's just too hard.

Let's face it: my life revolves around whatever book I am reading.

I need to read a book about a piper who . . . Haven't been able to find one. [sigh]
P.S. I highly recommend Robin McKinley's books. Check her website at and her blogsite at

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