Friday, September 28, 2007

Group Lesson last night. Only Garth, Pete and Drew were present. Because I was the only female there, we got sidetracked rather frequently into the realms of karate and wrestling and high school needling. Despite all that, we did get pipes out and NO CHANTER TUNING WAS REQUIRED!!! This is a first! Not just for me, but everybody - or should I say Nobody -- needed their chanters tuned. Drones was a different story. Garth had a lot of teflon tape on his drones, and Jason being the perfectionist that he annoyingly is, had to change it all to hemp. After that, drones were tuned in a very short time. We had trouble with the second part of Brown Haired Maiden still, but the first part, even on pipes, was pretty good. We had trouble with the whole jig - some of us rushing. I'm not sure if I was guilty, but towards the end of the lesson, I had to go, BAD! It's pretty hard to use your diaphragm with so much enthusiasm and still keep that bladder sealed. So I probably was rushing to get done so I could use the restroom.

I also have to work on my E doublings, especially from F.

Jason again complimented me that when he tells me I need to fix something, I come back the next week with it fixed. My personal, unvoiced opinion is that I am a sloppy piper and don't fix it unless it absolutely HAS to be fixed, even if it is pointed out to me with a rubber mallet. But as long as he has a good opinion of me and I don't have to know anything about wrestling, I'm happy.

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