Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Exciting Day

Daughter #2 has gotten engaged!

You can look in past entries for her intended's good qualities. This evening he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. They she called me, at home in the kitchen.

D#2 "Mom, are you home?"

Me: "Um . . . . . yes." (she called us at our home number)

D#2 "Is Dad home?"

me: "Yeeesss. What's the matter? You sound funny."

D#2 "We're coming over. Bye."

So they came over and sat on the trunk in the living room, D#2 with her eyes all red and puffy. Jeff said, "I did something tonight that I probably should have asked permission for, first."

We teased him about it being easier to get forgiveness than to get permission. Then D#2 slipped a diamond (cubic zirconia) ring onto her finger. I leaned forward to look at it, but I was instantly reprimanded that he hadn't asked yet. So Jeff said, in about the smallest voice I have ever heard him use, "Can I marry your daughter?" Of course I said yes right away. HH started complaining that he did have his chance to say, "On the one hand . . . On the other hand. . . " like in Fiddler On The Roof. So it's official.

Ten hours later, as I was waiting for church to start, another churchmember asked me was there a wedding in our family coming up? How does information travel so quickly?

I think he will make her a wonderful husband. I hope they will be very happy together.

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