Friday, June 13, 2008

C minus 1 day and counting.

Jason was tense last night. Very little light-hearted banter happened, as usually does on lesson night..

Drew tried to get started, but was met with a distracted glance. He stopped trying after that.

I didn't have any tuning issues. Jason said I had good tone. Twice, he said that. I'm happy about that. It can only help in competition. Lee and Garth, on the other hand . . . . ewwwwwww! All over the place!

I'm still not very nervous. Too tired to be. I'm thinking about sleeping at Thanksgiving Point in the car tonight, but I won't sleep very well. HH and the kids will be sleeping at the museum down there. Hmmm. Still haven't decided.

Catherine and Chuck are safely in CA, having flown standby from NC to pick up and drive their stuff across country and have caught up on their sleep. Now they are off to do their CA business and start the trip back, hopefully stopping in SLC to see us on the way.

Haven't heard from Daughter #1, hopefully because she's frantically busy, not because she in hospital from tornado-inflicted injuries. Hopefully. If you read this, REH, please contact the family and let us know.

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