Thursday, June 5, 2008

The annual concert in the park was Tuesday. Only those from Grade IV that were invited to participate, could. That was Pete and Drew. I know why they didn't invite me: I get flustered under pressure and mess up. I'm trying to be OK with that, but it's a struggle.The rest of Grade IV practiced at the HS anyway, but without Sean or Pete, we were sort of directionless. We worked on the march set (Mill set) and the Medley (CWTTNM, etc) and everybody contributed to what we did wrong, and we tried to correct those things. We did improve by the end, but the breaks were terrible still. Tuesday night I could not sleep. I lay quietly in bed with my eyes closed, but the time went slowly by and I did not fall. So yesterday was a struggle. After work I slept for 3 hours, but I still felt like I had been beaten about the head and shoulders with a cricket bat for half an hour. Today I'm just sleepy. Obviously I did not practice, even though my RS meeting was cancelled. I couldn't string two thoughts together, so playing tunes from memory just wasn't going to happen. Dunno if there is a lesson tonight, or how I'll do if there is, but I'm going to try to practice anyway. Lee asked me on Tuesday not to practice so he would have a fighting chance at winning something. He's got as good a chance as me, I think.

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