Friday, June 6, 2008

Yes, there was a lesson last night. We didn't play much, though. My new reed, as I believe I mentioned before, is flat on the F and squeaks on the low A. As we were playing through the medley the first time, Jason stopped us in the middle of a tune and asked who was squeaking!!??!! I raised my hand. So he tried to fix it but could not, and could not get the chanter to reproduce the squeak when he played it. I told him I was trying to play easier but ended up cutting out. So he gave me another reed. We played through the medley again, same finger motions, no squeak. And the F was mostly in tune. However, I was reprimanded (sort of) for having drones that needed hemping. That, according to Jason, was causing me to leak a lot of air, thus making it harder for me to play. So I hemped them up this morning. Anything to make playing easier. I haven't tried them yet, as it was 0430 when I got done, and it's only 0544 now. Probably on 2nd break at 0945 I'll try.

Not so tired, but a little sleepy. Losing appetite. Blah!

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