Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm very afraid for Friday, the 4th of July. It's supposed to be 103F, and we have to march in 3 parades: Centerville, Park City, and Sandy. I don't want to get heat stroke again; that was miserable on 6/14.

Here are my strategies for keeping my cool:

1) wear my shirt wet from the beginning, and rewet it between every parade

2) drink a litre of gatorade before every parade, and after the last one, too

3) possibly wear my hat wet, too, just don't wring it out.

4) of course, sunscreen.

I hope it works.

Band practice was last night. I did an early chanter, and one missed cut-off, but all the rest was good. We played our set perfectly, and afterward, as Sean stood there in amazement, I whispered aside to the band, "Be careful: now he knows we can do it!" I'm going to really try to practice every day, just a little bit. I hope I can do it.

I'm very afraid, even though I AM prepared.

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