Thursday, July 3, 2008

I hadn't really intended to practice yesterday. I guess I hoped I would have the time. And then, voila, no meeting as Marjie is out of town. Even then I wasn't going to practice since D#2 and SS were watching a video upstairs.

So, I decided, I'll just hemp my joints cuz I noticed the chanter was getting loose at band practice. For this, I had to actually attach the chanter and see how loose it was. Then I noticed that the tape that tells me which way is front on the chanter was slipping sideways and not really doing it's job, so I removed that, too, and got all the sticky off. In order to know just where the chanter was supposed to align, I had to go out and play it to make sure my fingers would be on straight and not squeaking at every low A, so I ran through the 9/8's and the Smith's Set.


Tape just wasn't working to mark the pipe-chanter alignment, so I put marker on instead: silver for the black chanter and black for the silver . . . thingy. It'll wear off, but hopefully not until after the Payson games.

Thursday I need to wet the sponge and dry out the kitty litter. And practice.

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