Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sticky Fingers

For me, some days turn out to be good piping days and some . . . don't.

My friend Dave says this is all in my head and he recommended a book I could read that would help me make more of my days good piping days, and I actually now own the book and have read the intro and chapter one. I get the idea, but so far I haven't done any brain-ups or brain-curls or anything.

It would be so cool if I could just DECIDE to play beautifully and then . . . do.

Today turned out to be a bad piping day. For no reason, and that is the most unfair bit of all. I wasn't too tired. Not foggy from meds. Not playing new turnes. Not under a mentally stressful situation. It was just that . . . my fingers seemed to stick to the chanter. I had to yank each one off to get it to another note.

This is not an excuse; it is the truth.

I embarassed myself by playing the Grade IV march set--which I could not only play while asleep, but could also play in an unconscious, even vegetative state--horribly.

I withdrew into my own little world centered around yanking my fingers, one by one, from the chanter. I went home confused.

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Granpiper said...

Fortunately we have those wonderful piping days where we feel like we could play forever and never make a mistake.

I love those days.