Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BJ Explains and Apologizes

In an email to the band, BJ wrote:

"Hello everyone,

As some of you have already have heard, I'm staying with the LA Scots G3 for the rest of the season. I've been getting e-mails asking me why? I'm staying with LA Scots for education reasons. I don't have anyone here in Utah that can advance me beyond what I already know. I know this has upset some of you and I'm truly sorry if I've caused anyone any inconvenience. Please understand that this wasn't anything personal but more then a move to educate myself. I know some of you are going to be upset with me for a while and I understand that it'll take time to repair the damages.

Some of you have been asking me about Dustin and Malarie and why they quit. I need to clarify to all of you that Dustin and Malarie DID NOT QUIT. I told them that the SLS kicked them out. This was a poor decision on my part and I'm truly sorry. In fact, Dustin and Malarie was faced with the same decision that myself and Patty had to make. I used them to soften the blow so that when I announced I was leaving it would be as bad on me. This was a coward's way out and I owe I'll of you a apology. I'm not sure why I thought this would help my situation, it just made it worse. Dustin and Malarie didn't deserve this and again I'm truly sorry.

Dustin and Malarie wish to remain as playing members of the SLS. I think they're planning on staying with LA Scots for the rest of year. (they'll need to discuss this with the band) Again, I've made some really bad decisions and I understand if you guys don't trust me anymore. Some of you said that you wish for me to remain as the D/S. I think this needs to be re-thought-out. The D/S position is a position of responsibility and I haven't been very responsible lately. The D/S and the lead position are totally two different positions. I would like to relinquish all personnel and decision making responsibilities over to the P/M and the executive committee. I will still remain as the lead drum for the G4 but will not have any decision making responsibilities until otherwise noted. Think of it as suspension if you will.

I've painted a horrible picture of them. They need to be the ones to tell you their position. I'm asking Jason and the E/C to consider my proposal and to please let me know what decision will be.


B.J. Gunn"

In our little "chin-wag" last night, Erin M was very clear that we were all valuable, that the band had put a lot of time and effort into training us, and it did not want to lose any more of us, so if anybody had any issues that maybe they did not want to express before the whole band, she would be more than happy to listen to them. It seems they are trying very hard not to offend anybody else, not to lose anybody else to inactivity or other bands. I can understand their position.

I intend to carry on. (Most of) These people are my friends now, and not seeing them every week would be very hard for me. As I said some months back, I'm a social piper. Practicing with Grade 3 will just reunite Grade 4s that have moved on with Grade 4s who are still in Grade 4. That is a good thing.


Granpiper said...

Good assessment Ros. I'll try to be more positive about this "reunion" though I've never enjoyed playing with Jason as PM - too intense for me.

Rose said...

I used to be scared fo Jason, too. But he's very laid-back at group lessons. Not a completely different person, but I guess once you get to know him, you can see through the stressed-out verneer to the laid-back guy behind it. Not such a bad guy, really.

Granpiper said...

Perhaps, but I recall at least twice where he completely unraveled and tore into an unweary piper. He has a big responsibility as PM, but I think he sometimes takes it all too seriously.

Rose said...

Yep, I think you're right, he does take his job/calling too seriously. Hopefully he will lighten up as time goes by--for all our sakes!