Friday, May 15, 2009

I have been invited

I have to admit I do not know the customary procedure for moving from Grade 4 to Grade 3. It feels like I am walking around in complete darkness in a foreign environment, trying to find the light switch.

I believe somebody lit a match, though: I was invited to participate with the (former) Grade 3 at the Living Traditions festival this weekend.

WARNING: If you don't really care about the he-said/she-said, stop reading right now, go back to real life and weed your garden or fix your carburetor or do your algebra-- whatever you would normally be doing instead of reading this blog, because it's going to get detailed.

OK, now that we've gotten rid of those guys . . .

Last night was my group lesson, but it was a small group, because Sande was putting out fires, Lee was (probably) working on his sermon, and John didn't make it up from Provo, so it was just me and Pete and Jason.

First we discussed the Drummer Drama and peoples' reactions. There definitely had been complaining from the (former) Grade 3 (I know they are going to hate me referring to them like that), understandably, and even though Dave says he complained at band practice on Tuesday, it didn't sound much like complaining to me on the other side of the circle. But complaining from anybody involved is understandable. Nobody likes change.

We both played through a selection of the more difficult of the Grade 3 medley tunes rapidly and perfectly (yay, us!) on practice chanters. Jason then began tuning and tinkering with drones and chanters, which took another 20 minutes. We played through the Grade 4 medley twice (I still squeaked; I hate that!) and then our time was up.

As we were putting things away, Jason asked what I was doing on Saturday. I said I was going to the Whatsit to play for the Whozit at 2:30 at the north stage. He didn't remember our previous conversation last week,

[TIME WARP to last Thursday]

wherein I asked if I could participate because Ian hadn't known if it was just (former) Grade 3 who would be playing at the Living Traditions festival or could everybody go, so I had asked Jason and he had said um, ah, um, yeah, sure, you can play.

[TIME WARP back to yesterday]

I recalled this conversation to Jason's mind, and he drew a complete blank. So, he said, the gig was for (former) Grade 3 and invited people, and then . . . he invited me to play, too.

This is so cool.

Five years.

Anyway, I've got to practice the 9/8's, Green Hills/Battle's O'er, Minstrel Boy/Wearin' O' the Green, Amazing Grace, and some others that I've now forgotten, just to refresh them in my mind. . .

. . . maybe I'll email Pete to see if he remembers what the other tunes were that Jason mentioned . . .


Granpiper said...

Congratulations. I know you've worked hard and it shows - good job! Just don't rub it in too much when you beat me in solos this year.

Rose said...

OK, but I don't think that's going to happen. I shall take home my traditional 0 awards, you watch.

Granpiper said...

I have a great sports psychology book you need to read ... oops, there I go again confusing piping with sports. Anyway, you have to start off believing you can take home a prize - honestly Ros, I think you can do it.

Rose said...

You're very kind to say that. I've always had a rather low self-image and no competitive urge at all. I only compete to overcome that rising, nauseating fear of being in front of people, not really to win anything. And it's working, too! I'm much better than I was 4 years ago. And I can conduct Relief Socity without a qualm, now. Maybe I DO need to read that book. Just tell me what it is and I'll see if I can get it from the library . . .

Granpiper said...

I've read several, but the one I'm reading right now is good. Teagan likes the book "Mind Gym" (don't recall the author). His sister gave it to him when he broke his leg and he was feeling pretty down about things. I've never seen such an amazing turn around (physically and mentally).

I am reading "Hockey Tough" by Saul Miller. Yeah, it's mostly geared towards hockey, but it's great for anyone who competes or just wants to improve their performance in any situation.